Where have all the Beetles gone?

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Where have all the Beetles gone? Empty Where have all the Beetles gone?

Post  Triplefive F on Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:59 am

Is it me or have you noticed that Campers now dominate the shows (be they one day events or stop-overs) - foreign shows still seem Bug rich in content but in the UK it is now quite noticable. Even Volksworld features Buses -despite the dedicated C&B mag.

For example how many on here have a Beetle?..................JIM.

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Where have all the Beetles gone? Empty Re: Where have all the Beetles gone?

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:16 am

Iv got two beetles and bus Wink

Yes I agree that buses have taken over big time in recent years though, when I first started going to shows around 1990 all you could see was a sea of bugs with the odd hippy in a bay that everyone used to take the piss out of, and a few splitties....nowadays its completely the opposite!

That said, I have noticed a very slight increase in younguns getting a bug this year, possibly as a cheap entry into the dub world as there is no way most of them can afford the sort of money buses are going for these days...I reckon the bus thing will slow down eventually when they become so valuable that you dare not park them anywhere and it will even out a bit.

Much as though I love my bus, if one of my bugs was on the road it would be my first choice everytime unless I needed to lug something big to the tip!

Buses are for camping / work vans, beetles are for blatting about Cool

Bring on the bug revolution I say..

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