Fecked geabox?

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Fecked geabox? Empty Fecked geabox?

Post  Airwalker88 on Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:39 am

I had the joy of coming to a juddering halt yesteray (Saturday night!) at 6pm, in the middle of Norwich...right outside bars and clubs. oh the joy!

The clutch pedal went straight to the floor, so I thought it was a snapped cable.
When I try to start it up now, I get a horrible clunking/grinding noise coming from around the clutch/gearbox.

The AA chap said I've got a small leak in the gearbox somewhere (which wasn't picked up when I had the mounts checked and gearbox oil changed 2 weeks ago!!!!)
I'm hoping that the gearbox is OK, and it is just the clutch has shattered, or the release bearing has ground out.

Does anyone have any points for me to check over, as a complete novice who is only just about competent to use a hammer?!


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